Configure highly variable industrial goods error-free and sell them efficiently with Tacton

  • Are your offers not calculable and not competitive?
  • Do customer orders contain errors and cannot be produced as ordered?
  • Do unprofitable make-to-order and expensive engineer-to-order (ETO) orders lead to margin loss?

Tacton solves these challenges!

With Tacton, you can offer complex, customer-specific products as easily and safely as if they were standard products. You only offer what can also be produced safely and at the same time optimally fits the customer's needs. By visually involving the customer at an early stage, you promote customer loyalty. As a result, you win more orders, reduce your costs in the quotation, design and production process, and attract more customers.

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Why Tacton?

  • With Tacton CPQ, you create precisely calculated quotations at the push of a button and reduce quotation times from several weeks to within one day. You don't lose orders because of too long quotation times or uncompetitive pricing.

  • The intelligent Tacton Engine ensures that job errors are avoided - saving you money and giving you more satisfied customers. Costly design errors are eliminated.

  • You increase customer loyalty and close rates through the forward-looking visualization capabilities thatTacton CPQ and AR offer you.

  • The design department is freed from repetitive work such as creating quotation documents, thus gaining more time for innovative tasks.

  • The valuable knowledge of your designers / engineers flows intoTacton, can thus be used in a centralized manner and is retained permanently.

  • Many ETO (engineer-to-order) processes can be handled more like CTO (configure-to-order) processes with significantly less effort.

Overview Benefits


Configure, Price, Quote

Quotation configuration for all sales channels, including customer self-service

Visual Configuration

3D visualization of the configuration on screen or as an augmented reality (AR) application via your mobile device

CAD Automation

Automatic generation of 3D CAD data, 2D drawings and quotation documents


ROTRING DATA Connect interfaces to your PLM / ERP system (supported systems on request)

The results speak for themselves

Efficiency increase*

Sales increase*

more net profit*

*Average results based on a study conducted by Axios Partners, Inc and led by Eric Berggren, professor at the «University of Chicago Kellogg School of Business»


Intelligent constraints-based configuration engine

o   Your sales department can only offer what can actually be produced

o   There are no order errors

o   Tacton always finds the optimal product for the needs and requirements of your customers

Efficient quotation

o   Offer times are drastically shortened and offer errors are eliminated

o   The generation of quotations including product data sheets, manuals, parts lists and spare parts lists is automatic and error-free

Universal pricing

o   Supports complex price structures as well as multiple price lists and currencies

o   Takes into account country-specific parameters such as shipping costs, taxes and customs duties

Multi-Channel Support

o   Tacton CPQ can be used for all your sales channels, be it direct sales, distributors, dealers, partners - of course also online (B2B and B2C)

Visual Configuration

o   Your customers can see with their own eyes - together with you during the sales talk, or even as a self-service via a web front end - how products are created and configured exactly according to individual requirements.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

o   With the Tacton CPQ AR Mobile App (iOS), the configured product can be embedded directly in the environment in which it will later be used as a real product

CAD Automation

o   Tacton design automation works seamlessly with Inventor to automatically create CAD drawings and 3D models for customized products and components. The documents can be used directly in quotation documents and production processes

Increase competitiveness in the customer-specific quotation process?

Tacton is just right for you!
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With our Tacton solutions, we support you throughout the entire German-speaking region. With our expertise in CAD with Inventor, we ideally combine the advantages of Tacton CPQ with the benefits of Tacton design automation for you.

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